All of my classes begin with pranayama (breathing practices) and then move through a thorough warm up section, a central flow or asana (posture) section (depending on the type of class), and a cool down. They end with relaxation which may involve guided relaxation or yoga nidra practices.

In all classes I focus on form and alignment and encourage the use of props (e.g. blocks, bricks, straps) to enable you get the most from your yoga practice. I give hands on assists to help you to move deeper into a posture or adjustments to help you towards the correct alignment in a pose.

Wherever possible, classes are accompanied by carefully crafted playlists.


yoga FOR ALL

These classes are suitable for everyone, even those who have never done yoga before. Following the warm up, I focus on a small number of asanas, first looking in detail at the alignment for each pose, and often then putting them together into a slow, gentle flow sequence.


These classes are for people who already have a regular yoga practice and a good knowledge of yoga asanas. In these classes, we flow continuously throughout the flow section, linking different combinations of postures into sun salutation sequences. More challenging variations of asanas including inversions (such as handstand, arm balances, headstand etc) will often be included in these classes.


I offer one-to-one and small group (up to three people) sessions at my home in Herne Bay. If you would like a private class and have space at home, I may also be able to come to you. For more information about these sessions, please contact me.