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Saturday 13th July 2019
09:30-12:00 at Peace by the Sea, Tankerton, £25.00

The Dragon Flow is a dynamic, flowing sequence which moves you from one end of your mat to the other and back again.
The poses included in the dragon flow will likely be familiar to you, for example, high lunge, low lunge, lizard pose and, of course, dragon pose, but, there are little tweaks to these poses which give this flow it's unique feel and flavour. And, of course, there are dragon-related names for the poses too (think 'flying dragon' and 'belly of the dragon').

The Dragon Flow sequence gradually builds, linking dragon-related poses into a beautiful, heat-building, energy-freeing dance. As always, we will be moving from pose to pose with the breath.

The workshop will start with a slower Yin Yoga-inspired warm up. Then we will flow through our Dragon Flow sequences, move through a cool down sequence and finish with a guided relaxation.

If this sounds good to you then why not book yourself a spot?

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Yourself (and your Inner Dragon!), a yoga mat, a blanket and a drink of water. Feel free to bring a non-messy snack (e.g. a banana or nuts) if you know your blood sugar level might drop!

If you have any questions about the workshop, please get in touch with me.

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